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Let technology fuel your business growth.

We bring balance and stability to the rapidly changing field of information systems development. We are a digital development studio that aims to help individuals and companies achieve their goals.


We create with the heart.
We develop with the mind.
We deliver more.

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Agility means putting the client's needs first and adapting to his changing needs, that is, adapting to the changing client market. We do not force our ideas on the client or build gigantic applications based on long specifications, but we work in close cooperation with the client.
David Melich, CEO
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Cooperation models

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Team as a service (TaaS)
TaaS is an essential service for long-term and sustainable collaboration.
Rapid prototyping
We help you quickly test your business idea using a prototype.
Through consultations, we help the owner and management of the company analyze and deal with technological challenges.
The basic purpose of refactoring is to make the code clean and improved without changing its functionality.
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